Scale Customer Support & Lower Cost Per Ticket

FirstSupport automates key operational support workflows from responding to customers, assisting support agents, QA, knowledge builder, issue captures, and more — resulting in
up to a 10x reduction in cost per ticket, while ensuring excellent customer satisfaction

Built by cofounders experienced building customer support tools in

    • Telkom
    • Kraft Heinz

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Create AIs agent, train it on your data, connect it with your API & platforms.
Automate routine end-to-end customer support work:
from replying to customers, assisting your team, measuring performances, and even capturing feedbacks!

Train your AI on various type of knowledge base, connect it to API or third-party platforms, and install it on your customer engagement platform (such as Zendesk).

Everything you need

All-in-one Assistant

FirstSupport AI Assistant can handle end-to-end customer support cases

Answer product or service inquiries
Respond to inquiries across various channels including ticket form, chat widget, whatsapp, discord community, slack, or any channels in your CX platform.
Manage order, payment, or subscriptions
Handle order or payment inquiries from Shopify, Woocommerce, Stripe, or other APIs
Product troubleshooting
Help user troubleshoots issues.
High-Impact Ticket Notification
Receive instant alerts via Slack for frustrated, high-impact customers
Continuous Quality Control
Evaluate every interaction between customers and agents
Agent Assist
Give all-in-one AI-powered toolbox to CS agent to help composing response, translating messages, summarizing conversation, and more
Insight Capture & Reporting
Capture issues, feedbacks, & provide reporting
Knowledge Gap Identification
Identify knowledge gaps to build a better knowledge base.
Multi-lingual understanding
Our AI comprehends a diverse range of languages, offering global communication solutions
Automated knowledge update
Seamlessly update the AI knowledge with your evolving knowledge base for up-to-date information

Scale operations & reduce cost per ticket, no platform change needed

Our AI Assistant sits on top of your customer platform.

Automate reply

Instantly respond to users, cutting down on human-handled tickets

Deliver instant and helpful responses across all frontline channels, including chat widget, email, inquiry forms in help center and more. Only escalate to human agents when necessary, with AI Assist available to support them

Automate quality assurance

Evaluate every interaction between agents and customers

Automate the evaluation of agent-customer interactions, providing sentiment and handling scores to ensure valuable insights and maintain a consistently high level of service, even with low CSAT survey participation.

Automate reporting

Capture product issues and knowledge gaps effectively with detailed analytics.

Efficiently address product issues and identify knowledge gaps. Stay informed about emerging issues, address concerns promptly, and continuously improve your knowledge base.

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